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You Built a Legacy. We Help You Exit.

Committed to bring together the fragmented Home Healthcare sector and elevate the patient care standards.

Our Mission

At our core, our mission is to offer patients the utmost level of skilled home healthcare services, distinguished by our unparalleled experience and cutting-edge technology, setting us apart from other agencies in the field. We aspire to attract the finest home health professionals, who will choose to work with us based on our organization's values, the comprehensive support and compensation they receive, and the positive impact we have within our respective communities. By deploying advanced technologies and empowering our employees, we create an environment that eliminates the need for a top-heavy management structure.

Our vision is to strategically acquire established and fragmented entities within the home healthcare sector to enhance the standard and unit of care. Concurrently, we prioritize operational enhancements and the attainment of high operating margins, ensuring maximum cash flow while unwaveringly concentrating on delivering exceptional quality care to our patients.


The aging demographic composition of the United States has given rise to a substantial and ever-growing demand for home healthcare services. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified healthcare professionals' inclination to seek professional empowerment and explore novel avenues to streamline and elevate the quality of care and patient well-being. This propitious juncture presents an opportune moment to establish a new benchmark in quality service provision and innovation within the industry.

Our Vision

Meet Our Home Healthcare Team

With over 200 years of combined experience in managing and acquiring deals in the healthcare sector, the members of this team have collectively closed over 750 deals, totaling over $20B in transactions.

arman radfar.jpeg

Arman Radfar

Founding Director

Arman, based in Dallas, Texas, is a healthcare professional and entrepreneur whose career reflects a blend of nursing expertise and business acumen. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas at Arlington, and a string of successful business ventures, Arman is positioned at the intersection of healthcare and business.

Arman’s nursing background equips him with firsthand insights into the complexities of patient care and the challenges of transitioning patients from hospitals to home-based healthcare. His mission is rooted in addressing persistent issues and enhancing patient outcomes. He envisions a healthcare landscape where patients receive superior care within their homes, leading to improved recovery and well-being.

Arman’s entrepreneurial journey began early on in college when he embarked on his first groundbreaking  entrepreneurial venture—BookChanger. This pioneering online platform revolutionized the way students accessed 
textbooks by enabling exchanges on campus and comparing prices across online bookstores. His innovative spirit and transformative impact earned him the title of a “market disruptor,” setting the tone for his future endeavors.

From those early college years, Arman’s entrepreneurial fire has only burned brighter. His entrepreneurial journey 
also encompassed the creation of “We Directly Buy Houses” and “We Buy Houses Fast Cash,” a successful venture that operated from 2017 to 2020. With this initiative, Arman demonstrated his abilities in real estate, offering efficient solutions for property transactions while continuing his pursuit of innovative problem-solving. His path led to the establishment of Serviced Housing, an initiative catering to the housing needs of travel nurses and business professionals seeking extended stays.

Arman’s vision, however, reaches beyond business success; it’s rooted in a passionate desire to solve larger 
societal issues. With a career spanning over a decade, Arman’s ability to merge his passion for patient care with his entrepreneurial drive sets him apart. He identifies opportunities, devises strategic plans, and delivers tangible outcomes in both healthcare and business domains. Arman’s narrative exemplifies the synergy between healthcare innovation and business prowess, illustrating his commitment to shaping a more effective and patient-centric healthcare landscape.

thomas sympson.webp

Thomas Sympson


Thomas Sympson holds wealth of experience in leading integration projects and portfolio management across various industries, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, and manufacturing. As a distinguished leader in Integration Management, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to resolve schedule compliance issues, accelerate integration initiatives, and business key performance indicators (KPIs).

Throughout his career, Thomas has been instrumental in training and mentoring resourceful teams, optimizing client satisfaction, value creation, and revenue generation. Moreover, his expertise extends to supporting acquisition processes, managing complex project execution through the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and thriving in Agile and Lean environments. Thomas specializes in managing transformational programs and establishing strong relationships with business partners to develop robust and sustainable governance models. He excels in strategic planning and execution, team mentoring, project and program management, budget oversight, M&A, change management, due diligence, resource management, supply chain management, project test management, software deployment, leadership, cost control, vendor management, and effective communication.

martin howard.jpeg

Martin Howard


Martin Howard shines as a visionary CEO who has left an indelible mark on the world of mergers and acquisitions. Martin has navigated over 600 M&A projects in collaboration with strategic and private equity partners. His unparalleled expertise and insights traverse healthcare systems and providers, IT transformation and cost optimization, service providers, and health IT—including pioneering solutions in telemedicine, software, and medical devices.

With a string of key CIO roles at prestigious organizations like Avesis, Goodwill NY/NJ, New York Proton Center, Axia Women’s Health, and Amedisys, Inc., Martin consistently orchestrates operational excellence. His expertise spans strategic planning, data science, analytics, emerging technologies, and cost optimization—cornerstones of effective M&A.

Martin influence extends beyond his tenures as Managing Director in Big 4 Transaction Services departments and Senior VP at Patient Care, Inc. His role as Chief Information Officer at Ingenix, Inc., a division of UnitedHealth Group (now Optum), underscores his pivotal role in driving industry-wide transformations during critical M&A phases.

Martin’s unwavering dedication to innovation is evident through his contributions to impactful technology-related publications. Martin stands at the crossroads of technology and transformative mergers and acquisitions, igniting a path towards enduring success for organizations navigating the intricate world of M&A.

wayne ford.jpeg

Wayne Ford

Chief Financial Officer

Wayne Ford is a seasoned financial executive with an exceptional track record in leading successful 
acquisitions, strategic planning, and budgeting initiatives. With a wealth of experience in finance, team management, and board participation, Wayne has played a pivotal role in various CFO capacities, M&A lead, and investing. His expertise in these areas has resulted in successful financial outcomes and value creation for the companies he has worked with.

As the President of Growth Path Coaching, Wayne has been focusing on part-time C-level management, budgeting, strategic planning, and maximizing exit opportunities for businesses. He has proven his ability to provide valuable guidance and insights to companies seeking to enhance their financial performance and navigate through critical growth phases.

Wayne also served as Vice President and subsequently as President at MVOA. During his tenure, he demonstrated exceptional leadership in overseeing finance-related functions and contributed significantly to the organization’s growth and success. His strategic vision and decision-making skills have been instrumental in driving positive outcomes for the company.

As the Owner of The Ford Group for over two decades, Wayne has consistently demonstrated exceptional financial leadership, leveraging his rich financial expertise, budgeting strategies, effective inventory control, strategic planning, and proficiency in 6-sigma analysis to spearhead numerous successful acquisitions.

Wayne’s impressive career includes significant accomplishments at Columbian Chemicals Acquisition LLC, where he served as the Strategic Planning Manager.

During his four-year tenure, Wayne led multiple acquisition projects across different countries, including Indonesia, China, Russia, India, Hungary, Brazil, and Venezuela, in addition to the US. His role extended to 
developing projects on new technology, expanding current offerings, joint ventures, and licensing 


Wayne also represented the entire entity in competitive intelligence and international trade relations boards, particularly in South America and Eastern Europe. Moreover, he skillfully led global budgeting coordination, ensuring effective financial planning across the organization.

david helfer.jpeg

David Helfer


David Helfer is a highly skilled and innovative healthcare executive with nearly 30 years of experience in clinical, operational, managerial, and executive roles. He has a diverse range of expertise in both large and small integrated healthcare delivery systems, serving as a clinician, hospital administrator, and consultant. Based in Dallas, Texas, David’s career reflects a proven track record of physician relations, operational excellence, strategic planning, business informatics, systems integration, and transformative change.

He served as the Former President of Texas Institute for Surgery, a state-of-the-art surgical hospital in North Dallas. During his 12-year tenure at the institute, David fostered a culture of personalized care and convenience while delivering top-notch surgical services.

Previously, David held key positions at EMPATH Consulting, Inc., serving as Sr. Vice President for Hospital Consulting, and at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, where he rose to the rank of Sr. Vice President and Vice President.

Over the course of 14 years, he made significant contributions to various clinical areas, including cardiology, showcasing his deep clinical expertise and process design skills.

David’s career journey began at Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, where he served as Chief Technologist for Cardiac Services for a decade, honing his leadership, communication, and project management capabilities. His leadership journey includes significant roles such as President of Illumination from Within, where he has been making a difference since July 2019, leveraging his extensive experience in operational management, strategic planning, and information technology implementation.


Throughout his illustrious career, David has excelled in numerous areas, including facility and construction management, patient throughput optimization, customer service, service line management, and executive roles. He is highly regarded for his quick problem-solving abilities, leveraging clinical insights to make better business decisions, and developing unique and creative resolutions to complex challenges.

Tom Spahn.jpeg

Tom Spahn


Tom Spahn brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise spanning over two decades, seamlessly integrating roles as a Proptech investor, startup executive, McKinsey consultant, corporate attorney, and nuclear submarine officer. 

In his current capacity at DesignIntelligence, Tom advises top architecture, engineering, and construction firms worldwide on critical facets such as mergers and acquisitions, strategy, talent, succession, and operational excellence. His comprehensive journey includes instrumental roles at Camber Creek, a real estate technology-focused venture capital firm, and TIKD, where he served as President and COO during a period of rapid growth. Prior engagements encompassed management consulting at McKinsey and corporate law with Sullivan & Cromwell. 

Tom's distinguished contributions extend beyond his professional endeavors; he is a published author on leadership, legal issues, and national security, holding degrees from Stanford (JD/MS), Old Dominion (MEM), and the U.S. Naval Academy (BS). 

margaret lumos.jpeg

Margaret Lumos


Margaret Lumos is a healthcare executive with extensive expertise and a proven track record in clinical software implementations and adept project management. With a successful career spanning vendor and provider experience, she has led numerous complex projects in the US and international markets, ranging from niche to enterprise, with values ranging from short-term to multi-year and multi-million dollar ventures.

Margaret held several key leadership positions in the healthcare industry. As the Vice President of Client 
Services at Integra Connect, she was responsible for

pre-sales and implementations of Oncology EMR (SaaS), focusing on team building, deployment methodology refinement, best practice integration, and project management rigor. She infuses education and training into phased implementation models to drive customer adoption and satisfaction.

During her tenure at Leidos Health, as the Vice President of Delivery Excellence, Margaret managed all service lines, including Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, and Allscripts. Her strategic direction and continuous quality improvement initiatives contributed to revenue generation and the development of high-performing teams.

Margaret’s leadership experience extends to major healthcare organizations such as Community Health 
Systems and Catholic Health East, where she managed large-scale enterprise-wide strategic IT and clinical workflow projects, achieving meaningful use and successful EMR implementations.

kirk otis.jpeg

Kirk Otis

Acquisitions Director

Kirk is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the field of mergers and acquisitions, with over 25 years of business development, restructuring, and new venture experience. As a transaction-oriented strategy and corporate development leader, he holds both an MBA and a CPA certification, bringing a unique blend of financial acumen and strategic insight to his role as the Acquisitions Director at our M&A company.

Throughout his impressive career, Kirk has held key leadership positions, including CEO, CFO, and CorpDev roles in start-ups and large corporations. His remarkable track record includes successfully closing over 50 transactions with a total enterprise value of over $13.5 billion. Moreover, he has raised $46 million in venture capital for three start-ups, showcasing his expertise in investment and new venture development.

Currently, as the Managing Director at Merger Partners Inc., Kirk plays a pivotal role in executive led exits, acquisitions, roll-ups, and Management Buy-Outs (MBOs), focusing on private equity (PE) backing through a faster and lower risk model than traditional investment banks offer. Additionally, as the President of Keiretsu Forum - North Texas, he oversees a chapter of a global investment community of accredited private equity investors, venture capitalists, and corporate/institutional investors, scouting and evaluating high-quality, diverse investment opportunities worldwide.

Kirk is a lifelong learner, strategic thinker, and creative problem solver, making him a trusted C-Level advisor with a proven track record of supporting and executing critical decisions. His expertise extends to articulating and persuading, savvy negotiation, relationship building, and leading cross-functional teams, enabling seamless integration of complex international transactions.

His career highlights include serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Concertal Systems, where he provided groundbreaking capabilities for product definers and front-end designers, resulting in significant competitive advantages. He was also the President and CEO of TriLumina Corp, a semiconductor laser company, where his leadership and marketing efforts gained industry recognition and media mentions.

louis bardov.jpg

Louis Bardov

Information Security Director

​Louis Bardov is a seasoned technology leader and entrepreneur based in Plano, Texas, with a proven 
track record of architecture and delivering large-scale systems using AI and ML. His expertise extends to implementing IoT solutions in the cloud and driving exceptional revenue growth, making him a sought-after professional in the field of Cloud-based systems, IoT, and Mobile applications.

As the Founder, Leader, and Entrepreneur, Louis has left an indelible mark in the industry, especially in the domains of AI/ML, eCommerce, Big Data, Social Media, and Machine Vision. His visionary leadership and managerial prowess have been instrumental in designing and delivering sustainable business results.

With a wide range of core competencies, Louis is a strategic planner who excels in people development 
and business expansion. His technological leadership and comprehensive understanding of legal and 
compliance aspects have significantly contributed to the success of various ventures. He possesses exceptional skills in product launch, operational leadership, revenue management, change leadership, and operations, driving innovation at every level.

Currently serving as the CTO and Co-founder of Heart Health Community, Louis plays a pivotal role in a groundbreaking initiative. Heart Health Community (HHC) is a pioneering patient empowerment and education community, providing expertly curated information and resources to manage heart health 
journeys effectively. Leveraging AI/ML, HHC delivers individually curated heart health information through branded newsletters, ensuring a personalized and informed experience for heart health patients.

Louis is also deeply involved in Phenometrix, where he serves as the CTO and Co-founder. Phenometrix specializes in Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Personality Intelligence (PI) recognition using AI and ML technologies. Operating on a highly scalable cloud platform, the company identifies and decodes an individual’s genetic personality and character traits from images, advancing the field of emotional intelligence analysis.

As the Founder and CEO of KorSoftCorp, Louis spearheads a digital services company focused on 
rapid project development and deployment using DevOps. His commitment to excellence is evident 
through the company’s achievements in developing best-in-class mobile, web, and IoT applications. Under his leadership, KorSoftCorp has gained recognition for its transparent development process, superior IT services, and turnkey solutions.

ingrid foster.jpeg

Ingrid Foster

Operations Director

Ingrid Foster, Chief Operating Officer at Care First Home Health, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a highly accomplished healthcare leader contributing over two decades of distinguished healthcare experience. Specializing in nursing, healthcare management, and home care, Ingrid's strategic direction has driven operational excellence throughout her career. 

In her current role, Ingrid oversees operations, clinical care teams, and finances at Care First, ensuring top-tier patient care and regulatory compliance. Her adept strategic planning has consistently delivered high-quality services in alignment with industry standards. 

Having held pivotal positions at Monogram Health, Encompass Health, Amedisys, and more, Ingrid has effectively managed regional operations, served as an Area Vice President of Operations, and directed various healthcare facilities. Her focus on fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency has positively impacted organizational performance. 

Ingrid's expertise spans home care, nursing, and healthcare management, complemented by certifications such as the CHAP Seal of Accreditation in Home Health. Her business-centric approach, coupled with a commitment to excellence, positions her as an asset in the healthcare industry. 

rollie seebert.webp

Rollie Seebert

Director of Home Healthcare and Hospice

Rollie has a substantial and diverse background as a healthcare executive, showcasing extensive capabilities in the realms of home healthcare and hospice services.

His rich experience reflects a deep understanding of these areas, acquired over years of dedicated involvement. With a strong commitment to providing compassionate and high quality end-of-life care, Rollie is the Owner/Executive Manager of Stoneridge Hospice since February 2020. Under his leadership, Stoneridge Hospice has flourished as a premier provider of hospice services in Scottsdale, Arizona, touching the lives of countless patients and their families during challenging times.

Prior to his venture in the healthcare industry, Rollie served as the Owner/Director of Palliative Care at Southland Healthcare, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills for nine years. His commitment to improving the lives of patients through palliative care and pain management has been recognized and admired within the healthcare community. Rollie’s illustrious career also includes an impressive background in law enforcement. He served as the Jail Administrator at the Long Beach Police Department and held the position of Director of Training at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for over five years.


Additionally, Rollie’s remarkable journey at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spanned an impressive 30-year tenure, where he rose to the esteemed rank of Deputy Chief. His extensive experience in law enforcement has instilled in him a deep sense of compassion and dedication to serving others, which he now channels into providing exceptional hospice care.

krystal singleton.jpeg

Krystal Singleton

Revenue Cycle Director

Krystal brings more than ten years’ experience in steering financial success and operational excellence within healthcare organizations. With a strong background in revenue cycle optimization, compliance, and process improvement, Krystal brings a proven track record of increasing revenue, reducing claim denials, and fostering collaboration across cross-functional teams.

In her most recent role as Director of Revenue Cycle Management at a prominent IDD company, Krystal showcased her leadership by overseeing billing, coding, collections, and financial analysis. Her strategic vision resulted in a 10% revenue increase and a 20% reduction in claim denials, achieved through the implementation of revenue cycle strategies aligned with organizational objectives.

Krystal’s ability to lead and manage teams shines through as she successfully guided a 45-member 
revenue cycle professionals team. She emphasized training, evaluations, and a collaborative work 
environment to boost team performance. An analytical thinker, Krystal regularly conducted financial analyses, identifying trends and providing actionable insights to senior leadership for informed decision-making. Her expertise in Medicaid, Medicare, and compliance ensured that all operations adhered to relevant regulations and guidelines.

Throughout her career, she has consistently achieved outstanding accomplishments. From streamlining 
billing practices across multiple states, implementing utilization tools, and successfully integrating 
acquisitions, Krystal’s strategic initiatives have added value and revenue to the organizations she’s been a part of. Her educational achievements, including an Executive Master of Business Administration from Howard University and a B.S., in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, reflect her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. 

jay ray.jpeg

Jay Ray

Director of Finance

Jay is a dynamic and seasoned senior healthcare finance leader with a robust history of delivering exceptional outcomes within the healthcare provider realm. Based in Frisco, Texas, Jay possesses an impressive skillset encompassing healthcare finance and accounting, analytics, finance transformation, re-engineering, and profound expertise in robotic process automation.

With an impressive track record, Jay has made significant contributions to various organizations throughout his career. As an independent consultant since July 2022, he has been providing top-notch healthcare CFO services, revenue analytics, and business process transformation with a focus on robotic process automation. Prior to his current role, Jay served as the Revenue CFO for Fresenius Kidney Care and as the CFO for Spectra Labs at Fresenius Medicare Care, NA, from January 2015 to March 2022. In these roles, he demonstrated exceptional strategic leadership and expertly managed financial operations within the healthcare industry.

Before joining Fresenius, Jay Ray held various executive positions at American Express, where he spent a total of 13 years. As the Vice President of Finance for Corporate Accounting and Reporting, he showcased his financial acumen and strategic vision in enhancing the organization’s financial processes.

Jay’s impressive career also includes finance executive positions at renowned companies such as Atlanta Technologies, Samtel India, Hero Honda Motors, and Price Waterhouse & Co. With a career spanning over three decades, he has accumulated invaluable experience in cost accounting, strategic leadership, and collaborating effectively with physicians. A highly accomplished professional, Jay Ray holds a CPA certification (Inactive) and completed his education in accounting and finance at CIMA, London, and the University of Calcutta.

laurie burlingame.png

Laurie Burlingame

Legal Director

As a Partner at Morgan Lewis in Boston, Laurie is a seasoned legal professional with a sharp focus on trademarks, business planning, and mergers and acquisitions, particularly within the dynamic life sciences industry. With over two decades of experience, Laurie has proven expertise in guiding clients through complex transactions, including public offerings, venture capital financings, de-SPAC transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Having served as a Partner at Goodwin Procter LLP for 16 years, Laurie is well-versed in the intricacies of the nationally recognized Life Sciences Practice Group. Her role as outside general counsel has seen her advise clients on critical business aspects, including formation, founder issues, licensing transactions, strategic collaborations, and corporate governance.

Beyond her legal prowess, Laurie is a dedicated supporter of entrepreneurs, evident in her role as a mentor for university start-up programs and a judge for business plan competitions, including the MIT 100K. Laurie holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Clark University, and advanced degrees from Harvard University and Wellesley College. 


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